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Jeremy Sinkus


Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, Jeremy Sinkus was in the arts and in the ocean at
an early age. When Jeremy started flame working glass in 2003 he found another
ocean, an abyss of technique and possibility. The fluidity, transparency and color of hot
glass brings the ocean out of him. For Jeremy, glass is the perfect medium to create sea
life while reflecting the fragility of the ocean’s eco-systems and marine animals. The
corals, fishes, invertebrates and crustaceans he sees while scuba diving become
interpretive reflections. “ You love what you think is beautiful, and what you love you
protect.” This is the way Jeremy feels he can help connect the hearts of people to the
ocean. By contributing and participating in conservation efforts with his art, he hopes to
see a greater consciousness of marine health. His work has been collected by
enthusiasts of aquatic life from all over the world. Jeremy spends most of his time in his
studio in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts designing works that bring him and others
closer to the ocean.

Sinkus’s flame working approach allows him to combine both scale and detail in his
sculptures. The use of clear borosilicate glass is crystal like to accentuate the focal
colors and depth to be more vivid and pronounced, like looking into the sea.

Inducted to the “Ocean Artists Society” 2015

Solo Exhibit “Glass Aquatic” at Sandwich Glass Museum 2009

Sculptural Flameworking Study with Milon Townsend 2008
Venetian, hollow form study with Emilio Santini 2010
Scientific Study with Sally Prasch 2003, 2011
Neon, Snowfarm Jake Fishman. 2014
Flameworking borosilciate glass Worcester Center For Crafts 2003

Fiamma Glass, Boston
Something Phishy Studio, Worcester
HGTV Show “That’s Clever” 2006
Demo “Glass Boston” 2013
Snow Farm 2015

Niche Awards nominee 2013

Glass Artists Society Member

The Flow Magazine
Scuba & H2O Adventure Magazine (front Page) ,
Best of Glass 2010

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