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Eric Cruze + Tomo Sakai

Eric studied architecture and worked as an architect for several years before discovering glassmaking. He studied with Curtiss Brock
at the Appalachian Center for Crafts and František Janák at SUPŠS in the Czech Republic.

Tomo studied glass at Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan, and then went to the Czech Republic for advanced training and work in engraving and coldworking.

We met in the Czech Republic, taught glassmaking in Gifu, Japan for a year before becoming Artists-in-Residence at the Worcester Center for Crafts. !In 2014, we formed cruze+sakai studio.

Eric Cruze + Tomo Sakai
cruze+sakai studio, Worcester MA

Our studio focuses on designing and making unique glass jewelry,
tableware, sculpture, and public art installations.


2011-2014 Artists-in-residence
Worcester Center for Crafts, Worcester MA
Developed a professional body of functional and sculptural glasswork.
Participated in public art installations. Planned and taught blowing and
fusing glass classes.

2011-2013 Glass Studio Technician
Worcester Center for Crafts, Worcester MA
Maintained and upgraded the glass studio at the Worcester Center for
Crafts. Fabricated equipment and installed safety systems.

2013- Studio Assistant
Sidney Hutter Glass and Light, Inc, Auburndale MA
Assisting with the fabrication of laminated glass sculpture and lighting.

2007-2008 Studio Managers + Workshop Teachers
Active G Crafts School, Gifu, Japan
Established and coordinated the glass fusing studio. Responsible for
teaching classes, managing and promoting the studio.

2005-2006 Artist-in-residence
SUPSS, Kamenicky Senov, Czech Republic
Studied glasscasting and coldworking with Frantisek Janak.

2004-2006 Artist-in-residence
Sklarsky Atelier Peter Rath, Kamenicky Senov, Czech Republic
Produced unique and limited production glass engraving work.

2006 Artist-in-residence
Abate Zanetti Murano, Murano, Italy
Designed and made a work for “Glassdressing” exhibition. !!!!

2004 Glass engraving studies
SUPSS, Kamenicky Senov, Czech Republic

2003-2004 Glass engraving studies
VOSS, Novy Bor, Czech Republic

1998-2002 Bachelor of Arts
Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan

1998-2002 Glass Studies
Appalachian Center for Craft, Smithville TN

1989 Bachelor of Architecture
Virginia Polytechnic Institute+State University, Blacksburg VA

Selected Exhibitions

2015 “Harmony wa” The Krikorian Gallery, Worcester MA, USA
2014 “Art on the line” Aurora Gallery, Worcester MA, USA
2013 “December Invitational Show” Imago Gallery, Warren RI, USA
2012 “Air Time Group Show” The Krikorian Gallery, Worcester MA, USA
2007 “Arts & Crafts 2007” Gallery Tamamiseum, Nagoya, Japan
2006 “Glassdressing” Ca’ Rezzonico, Venezia, Italy
2005 “The Exhibition of 4th International Symposium of Engraved Glass”,
Kamenicky Senov, Czech Republic
2003 “Vessels - Exhibition of Contemporary Glass”, Koganezaki Crystal Park,
Nishi Izu, Japan

Public Installations

2014 “Spring Flora, Worcester 2014”, cast glass installation at Health
Services Lobby, Sheehan Hall, Worcester State University,
Worcester MA, USA

2015 Worcester Arts Council Artist Fellowship

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